Personal Life


Life Balance

I strive for simplicity and balance in all areas of my life. I work hard, but I’m protective of my personal time too. In my free time I love to read, write, dance, hike and ride my bike along the beautiful West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz.

I also love to travel. I’ve been blessed to have traveled all over the world; I started with the Congo in central Africa when I was nineteen, have been to Europe several times, twice to different areas in South East Asia, have flown air courier, hitchhiked, and spent the night alone more than once, in a train or bus station!

My travel adventures in the last decade have been much closer to home, mostly Hawaii and Mexico, but I also still love road trips and camping.

A Passion for Creativity

At the heart of my personal life is a love of all things fundamentally creative! I’ve loved home improvement, crafting and decor projects, and have danced for many years (mostly modern, free-style and belly fusion). I’ve also been known to up-cycle my own clothing and make hair accessories and jewelry for performing in college and community shows. I still even occasional perform at friend’s parties.

My latest creative passion has been photography and digital collage. While I try to use all my own photos, I also purchase or use public domain images, and I use multiple layers and filtering effects to create digital art.

My love of aesthetics, writing, user interface and design has finally found a comfortable home in the field of e-learning.

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