Here’s a portfolio course from 2015 that you can access from the links below.

Faculty Orientation to Canvas LMS Course

The above video is an introductory overview to the course linked below. The video was created in Camtasia, and it’s embedded in the course itself, but it would also be something I’d email directly to an instructor with their login information.

Using Canvas training videos as instructional content, I created this course so that faculty could learn to use the Canvas LMS at their own pace, and reduce their dependence upon me as a trainer. Each instructor would get their own copy of this sandbox course, and it remained available to them as a reference and test bed for them.

NOTE: When you click directly on the link below you will be viewing the course as a student. Since this course was designed for instructors, however, you’ll need to use the login information below and access the actual course via the drop down menu once you’ve logged in.